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Welcome to Bonsai Primer, your one-stop guide to bonsai and houseplant care

Welcome to Bonsai Primer, a comprehensive hub dedicated to the enchanting world of bonsai, houseplants, and cacti. Founded by Mia Cooper, a revered aficionado in the realm of miniature trees and verdant houseplants, our website serves as a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration. Mia’s passion for bonsai cultivation and plant care is rooted in years of experience and learning, which she eagerly shares through this website.

The Mission of Bonsai Primer

At Bonsai Primer, our mission is to ignite and nurture a deep-seated passion for bonsai, houseplants, and cacti among individuals from all walks of life. Spearheaded by the profound expertise and zeal of Mia Cooper, we are committed to demystifying the art and science of plant care.

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Our goal is to make the intricate world of miniature trees and lush indoor plants accessible and enjoyable to everyone, regardless of their experience level. We strive to provide a rich repository of knowledge, encompassing practical guides, step-by-step tutorials, and insightful articles that cater to both novices and experienced plant enthusiasts.

Our focus extends beyond mere plant care; we aim to create a vibrant community of plant lovers, fostering a space where ideas, experiences, and a shared love for nature can flourish. Through Bonsai Primer, we endeavor to inspire our audience to embark on their own botanical journeys, fostering a deeper connection with nature and enhancing the beauty of their surroundings through the delightful art of bonsai and plant care.

Our Team

At Bonsai Primer, our expert team guides you through the captivating world of plants. From in-depth care articles to stunning visual storytelling, we’re here to inspire and educate, helping you nurture your love for bonsai and houseplants.

mia cooper bonsai expert

Mia Cooper

Founder & Bonsai Expert

liam roberts writer

Liam Roberts

Botanist & Writer

zoe harper photographer

Zoe Harper

Photographer & Traveller

The Art of Bonsai

“Each bonsai tree tells its own story; it’s a living art that reflects the patience and care of its grower. In these miniature landscapes, we find not just beauty, but lessons in harmony and persistence.” – Mia Cooper

Want to Learn More about Bonsai?

Bonsai is the art of growing tiny, shaped trees. It began in Asia over a thousand years ago. It’s like regular gardening, but with miniature trees. To start your bonsai journey, you need the right info. That’s where our guides come in.
Our guides are easy to follow. They help you learn the process of bonsai care. With clear examples, you’ll grasp the basics quickly. However, remember bonsai takes patience. Therefore, as you learn, take your time and enjoy each step.

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